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eTutorIcon offers SAT tutoring by highly-credentialed tutors. We'll help you master the SAT through one-on-one tutoring in the comfort of your home.

The SAT® (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is a paper based test that is a pre-requisite for admission into different Bachelor’s programs in the U.S. It provides a standardized way for colleges to review eligibility of all applicants and is usually given in eleventh or first half of twelfth grade.

General Overview: The SAT® is a 3 hours and 45 minutes test that measures critical reading, writing, and mathematical reasoning skills. The scores for each section will be reported on a 800-point scale making a total of 2400 point. The scores are valid for 2 years.

The test is administered six times a year in India and may be attempted more than once. Different schools have different SAT® score requirements. Your scores better your chances of getting admission into a particular U.S. university. Registration for the SAT® requires a valid passport, a US $99 exam fee and can be done on

Online ACT Tutoring :

eTutorIcon provide a comprehensive ACT Test Prep Course in which we assess the student on previous knowledge and skills in core academic areas. Our experienced teachers help the student with comprehending, analyzing, and applying these concepts.

The ACT® (American College Testing Assessment) is paper based standardized test which can be given instead of the SAT® for admission in the United States for undergraduate studies. The ACT® is based on the curriculum studied in high school.

General Overview: The ACT® is 3 hours and 30 minutes long and tests the student in four subject areas: English, Reading, Math, Science Reasoning, Writing (optional). In India, the ACT® is conducted 5 times a year in February, April, June, October and December. Scoring for the ACT® is on a scale of 1-36 and includes 215 multiple choice questions on the subject areas.

Registration for the ACT® requires a valid passport, an exam fee of US $33 (without writing) or US $ 48 (with writing). Registration can be done on:

Other Test Prep and Exams :

Our Expert online tutors can help you prepare for any of standardized tests and college entrance exams, including:

  • SAT Subject Test
  • AP (Advanced Placement)


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Wonderful teaching from eTutorIcon's teachers.My both the daughters loves her teaching! In summer we would like to work on SAT.

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