Kinematics; Forces and Newton's Laws of Motion; Work and Energy; Circular Motion; Momentum; Simple and Harmonic Motion; Fluids; Heat and Temperature; The Ideal Gas Law; Thermodynamics; Electric Forces and Electric Fields; Electric Circuits; Magnetic Forces and Fields; Optics; Special Relativity; Particles and Waves; Nuclear Physics and Radioactivity; Waves and Sound; Electromagnetic Waves. eTutorIcon's tutorial support aligns with the APTM Physics B, APTM Physics C (Mechanics), APTM Physics C (Electricity & Magnetism)* courses.

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Physics is the basis of many other sciences like chemistry, astronomy, and biochemistry. Physics is an interesting subject that can improve your problem solving and analytical skills. Physics is a part of our daily life. Cell phones, the Internet and MRIs are only a few examples of the physics-based technological developments that have revolutionized our world.

We at eTutorIcon have physics tutors who help students learn the basics of physics through creative problem-solving, experimental design and cooperative learning activities. Lesson evaluations at the end of every session are valuable to the student.

Get help from eTutorIcon expert online tutors. Physics is one of the important academic subjects, therefore, proper help is necessary to understand the whole concept. You can gain a proper learning with the help of eTutorIcon online physics tutors who are available 24/7.

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There are many types of physics assignments

  • Mechanics, molecular physics, thermodynamics, electromagnetism.
  • Electrodynamics, optics, acoustics, relativity, quantum mechanics, atomic physics.
  • Nuclear physics, plasma physics, fields theory, astronomy, etc.

Physics assignments are complicated projects that require a lot of time, due to the use of Physics formulas and the prerequisites in math. Completing the physics assignments successfully requires a great deal of knowledge, skills and sometimes assistance from qualified Tutors.

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  • Peace of thought since we remove all the frustrations of the physics assignments.

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