Biology, Introductory Human Anatomy & Physiology, General Chemistry, and Physics


Chemistry of Life; Evolution; Cells; Molecules; Energy; DNA; Genetics; Biodiversity;Plant Form and Function; Physiology; Ecology. ETutorIcon online tutors support aligns with the APTM Biology course*.

Introductory Human Anatomy & Physiology

Cells, tissues, organs, and skeletal, muscular, circulatory, lymphatic,respiratory,nervous, endocrine, digestive, urinary and reproductive systems.

General Chemistry

Measurement; Atomic Structure; Chemical Formula & Equations; Chemical Reactions;Thermo Chemistry; Electron Configurations; Bonding; States of Matter; Solubility; Reaction Rates; Acids & Bases; Equilibria; brief introduction to Nuclear chemistry;simple organic nomenclature & introduction to functional groups. ETutorIcon tutorial support aligns with the APTM Chemistry course*.


Kinematics; Forces and Newton's Laws of Motion; Work and Energy; Circular Motion; Momentum;Simple and Harmonic Motion; Fluids; Heat and Temperature; The Ideal Gas Law; Thermodynamics; Electric Forces and Electric Fields; Electric Circuits; Magnetic Forces and Fields; Optics; Special Relativity; Particles and Waves;Nuclear Physics and Radioactivity; Waves and Sound; Electromagnetic Waves. ETutorIcon's tutorial support aligns with the APTM Physics B, APTM Physics C (Mechanics), APTM Physics C (Electricity & Magnetism)*

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Science courses cover concepts of physical, earth and space sciences. You will understand the complex issues surrounding properties of matter, human body systems, energy, machines & motion, macro and micro organisms, earth and space, and electrical energy with help from eTutorIcon.

Our online science tutors help you apply the scientific concepts to real-world situations while reinforcing key skills and concepts. Our Tutors share content which is not only fun and interesting for but also compels the young mind to discover the truths of science.

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Using our Special Shared virtual whiteboard for live, real-time collaboration, tutors guide students through solving science problems. eTutorIcon's tutors do not solve the problem for students. Instead, expert tutors use a problem-solving based teaching style to help students learn concepts. In this way, students learn to handle future assignments on their own.

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Wonderful teaching from eTutorIcon's teachers.My both the daughters loves her teaching! In summer we would like to work on SAT.

Thanks to eTutorIcon and teachers helping with Ap Bio tutoring for my kid

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