Analytics Courses

To compete effectively, in the new world of Big Data Analytics, a key skill set required for the 21st Century professional is capability in Advanced Analytics and Predictive Modeling.

The Executive Program in Data Exploration & Visualisation, Predictive Analytics and Data Mining is designed to help working professionals bridge this gap.

If you are an experienced professional seeking a career in Big Data Analytics but do not have experience in Statistics, this program will step by step build a strong foundation in Predictive Modeling and Data Mining.

Alternatively, if you are a  Business Executive in a role requiring to take decisions, you necessarily need to be equipped with skills to solve a problem using Data viz. ANALYTICS. Currently you may be dependent on your Analytics counterparts to help make data driven decisions. This program will equip you with the necessary skills to learn the process of how to optimize decisions using data.

Sno Course Duration(Hrs)
SAS Foundation 
2 Advance Course 30
3 Clinical SAS 45


Wonderful teaching from eTutorIcon's teachers.My both the daughters loves her teaching! In summer we would like to work on SAT.

Thanks to eTutorIcon and teachers helping with Ap Bio tutoring for my kid

I am happy to see Neel's progress and his seriousness to your class .